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Update: 09:50 Thanks to Amos from http://www.4815162342.pl/ for these larger screencaps.

Update: 08:20 Full HQ Version Added

**UPDATED** Ajira site is now active! Screencap added below!

Hey Losties,
This is what you all have been waiting for!!

The new LOST Season 5 Promo that is with The Fray Music video. There are several new interesting and revealing scenes.

There are several things to discuss even a logo for Ajira Airlines that is embeded in the video!? Is the airline a start of a new ARG or perhaps just a part of the show??

The site www.ajiraairways.com is a password protected site and says "Bengal" which is a version of a tiger that is native to China and India. Below is a screencap of what pops up along with the promo and several screencaps!!

BTW, I really like the song and I think the bridge they are on is here is LA. Maybe the same one Jack was on!?

Thanks to our good friend Carlos from the LOSTinLOST for the heads up and screencaps.

NOTE: I am sure we will get more screencaps as the video is analyzed.

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