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Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss Desmond's Catch-22 and preview "D.O.C." (4/25/07). Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim talk about getting conflicting stories as to who the father of Sun's baby might be.

Thanks to Desmondhume108 from the Fuselage for the highlights.

-Jae Lee commited suicide. Sun's father didn't push him off the balcony. Apparently, some people thought Jae Lee was murdered.
-Damon and Carlton finished writing the season finale and are now filming the finale.
-There will be more about Charlie and Desmond's premonitions.
-Penny sent the parachutist. Damon and Carlton do not refer to her as Naomi.
-Naomi will be explained further in D.O.C.
-The mystery of the wire, including where it goes to and what it does will be answered this season.
-Damon and Carlton made a point to mention that the father of Sun's baby could be Jin, Jae Lee, or a mystery person. They are probably joking, but if they weren't, my guess is Michael would most likely be the mystery person.
-More of Juliet's motives will be shown in D.O.C.
-Ben wasn't conceived in a test tube.
-Don't believe Ben when he says he was born on the island.
-Ben wasn't the father of Savinne's child.
-There were discussions whether Aaron said Claire or not in One of Us. I actually thought I heard it too, but Damon and Carlton confirmed that Aaron cannot talk.
-For the (insert insanely large number here) time, Christian Shepherd is DEAD!
-We not seen Jacob in a previous episode and won't until he is revealed.
-Ben has been in love. We will get a "sense" of it in 2 weeks.
-There will be a Rousseau flashback eventually. In it, it will talk about Montand and his arm.

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