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Update : 12th June - Thanks to Lostkodes for the following.

Zoriah: Ooh! Gossip! Does Ausiello's blind item about a white female prima donna have anything to do with your piece on Lost's bad castmate?
Nope. And I just hope it's not me!

Romain in Belfort, France: Is the alienated castmember of Lost, like, blonde and Australian?
Frak no. The Australian blonde is as sweet and fuzzy and adored as the baby duckling she resembles.

Lisibeth in France: An actor on Lost, a big falling-out with the rest of the cast and it has already had an impact of the storyline... Well, all my money would be on a [totally accurate description which can't be printed] being the culprit. Do you predict bankruptcy or fortune for me soon?
I predict: Cha-ching! And because I want my own paychecks to keep coming, I blanked out your guess. Now, how are you with lottery numbers?
Source: Kristin

Update : 7th June - Thanks to Johnny for this update from Ausiello.

"Let me end some of the suspense surrounding my "No-Talent Diva" blind item from last week: I can assure you that the NTD is not anyone from Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty. And to the few of you who suggested it might be Elizabeth Mitchell, I'm both horrified and insulted. Seriously. "
Source: Ausiello

Thanks to Johnny and Rockford_Peach for the following info, so who do you think the troublemaker is? Is the 2nd Ausiello article talking about Lost, sure sounds like it.

Update: 5th JuneThanks again to Rockford_Peach for the following update from Kristin.

Heather in Washington D.C.: In today's Vine show, you tell us that a certain castmember on Lost is on the outs with most of the other castmembers. Please, please reassure me that you're not referring to Naveen Andrews or Terry O'Quinn!
I am not.

Cory in Homeworth, Ohio: Tell me, please, who is it on Lost that had a falling out with the rest of the cast? Will this affect their character or story at all?
Ding, ding, ding! It already has! There was a pivotal line during a scene on the beach near the end of one of the last few episodes. It was very telling about what's happening behind the scenes. (Feel free to post your theories below.)
Source: Kristin

I came across one tidbit from the infamous E!'s Kristen -- she's saying that one of the Lost cast members has basically alienated all of his fellow actors/actresses, and no one wants to work with him/her anymore.
Source: Kristin

As I see it, showbiz produces two kinds of divas: the ones with talent and the ones without. And as infuriating as the former can be to work with, it's the latter you really have to watch out for. Just ask the stars of a certain critically acclaimed series. They've learned firsthand what it's like to work alongside an NTD (no-talent diva), and they're dishing and telling to anyone who'll listen. Good thing I'm a really good listener. According to my spies, this particular NTD suffers from a major case of PPWFE (pretty and privileged white female entitlement), and her prima donna behavior is alienating nearly all of her costars. Even worse, she is widely viewed as the weakest link of what is arguably one of TV's finest ensembles. So not only is she a drag behind the scenes, but she's proving a liability on screen as well. But you know what? Karma's an even bigger bitch than she is. And depending how good you are at guessing my blind items, it may be waiting for her in the comments section below....
Source: Ask Ausiello

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