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As you know I decided that we would not post some major spoilers about the Series Finale yesterday. I know a number of people we're disappointed but I did it for the greater good.

Here are the spoilers that we were going to post for those that were interested in them. And before you ask I sent these to a number of people last night before the episode so that they could confirm that these were indeed what we were going to post.


Christians body arrives in L.A. at a church arranged by Desmond.

Juliet is Davids mother.

Desmond and Eloise have an interesting conversation at the benefit concert.

Jack and Locke get into a huge fight. Jack is stabbed badly. Locke gets killed by Kate.

On island when Desmond puts the light out in the heart of the island it makes Locke mortal. As well as causes the island to start to sink. Later on Jack gets the light to come back on and stop the sinking.

Hurley becomes the new Jacob with Ben as his new Richard

Rose Bernard Vincent Desmond Hurley Ben are all alive on the island still

Kate Sawyer Claire Miles Frank and Richard fly off the island.

In the alt, Sayid/Shannon (Outside a nightclub.), Juliet/Sawyer (At the apollo vending machine in the hospital.), Kate/Claire (During labor at the benefit.), Sun/Jin (In the hospital.), and Locke (After he wiggles his toe post surgery.) have these moments where they become aware of what they have gone through on the island.

Jate is Fate

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