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I've been sent some snippets from my insider contact who successfully predicted several of the scenes from last weeks show. I didn't post them then as I wanted to verify them before posting on the site. I'm now satisfied that my contact (named Apollo) really does have inside information and as a result will post some of his information here. I'm summarising what I've been told and it will be interesting to compare this to when the episode airs.- Locke and Desmond are on the beach and are talking to Sayid who has just returned with Jin and Sun. Locke tells Desmond to tell Sayid what he knows.
- Desmond tells Sayid that the computer did more that just reset the button/counter.
- Sayid asks if the plan is to try and communicate with the Others.
- Jack tells Ben that he has a tumor that will kill him.
- Sayid, Charlie and Hurley try to put out a burning hut which Eko is in.
- There is another priest in the hut which is Eko's brother Yemi.
- Locke repeats the famous line "Don't mistake coincidence for fate"
Source: Apollo

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