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Just received this from layla7072 from ABC Lost General message boards about here friend who is an extra in the Kate centric episode "I Do".I don't watch the show -- so I don't know who The Marshal is. I think that it is that guy who did a few BUffy episodes... hard to tell though. He was cute.

The wedding was supposed to be set in Miami. The scene we were in is just the kiss scene. My big scoop is the officiant says something like "I have known Kevin since he was about yeah high. I haven't known Monica for as long - but when I asked Kevin to describe her tears welled up in his eyes and he said ' with Monica, what you see is what you get.'"

Yes - Monica.

There was also something with cops -- but we weren't in that scene so I don't know.

How's that for a spoiler?
Source: Lalya@ABC Message Boards

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