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Episode Centric: Sawyer
Air Date: 25th October 2006

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Sawyer discovers how far his captors will go to thwart his and Kate's escape plans; Jack must scrub up to save an Other's life; Desmond's behavior perplexes the survivors when he starts constructing an unknown device
Source: WCHTV

Guest List:
Guest starring are Kiele Sanchez as Nikki, Rodrigo Santoro as Paulo, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly, Michael Bowen as Pickett, Ian Gomez as Munson, Bill Duke as Warden Harris, Ariston Green as Jason, Dustin Geiger as Matthew, Kim Dickens as Cassidy, Dorian Burns as prison guard and Peter Ruocco as Agent Freedman.

UPDATE 25th Sept: This has been updated and is a SAWYER Episode.

Its is Sawyer-centric with flashbacks to his time in prison. It features Warden Harris, a nasty man with a hate on for Sawyer. 304 also has 'Munson', a mild-mannered gov't bureaucrat in his 30's who shows his dark side when he finds out he has been betrayed by his wife. No, I do not who his wife is or who he is connectd to.

Latino, 30s, a big, lumbering guy who is Sawyer's best friend and boxing partner in prison. He's not muscular but fat. He's kinda slow, both physically and mentally, with no finesse. But he knows things. He's got his ear to the ground on prison gossip and info...CO-STAR:

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