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Thanks to Spoilerhound, Pacejunkie over at the Fuselage for pointing this out. Looks like Episode 8 could be an Others flashback.YO!!!!

Sorry for the quick buzz-by, but it's been awhile and hell, I OWE you guys for keeping the flame burning here at the 'lage!

Season Three has been quite an experience here in Lostville... one greatly enhanced by the arrival of our own "Others" -- The ALIAS writers... two of whom (Jeff Pinkner & Drew Goddard) did a BEAUTIFUL job right out of the box on this episode.

Jeff wrote Episode Seven (which will be our "second" season premiere in Feb.) and Drew and I are teaming for Episode Eight, which just might be cooler than "The Other 48 Days"...

Big props also to Yunjin and Daniel... they always bring it in a BIG way.

And BIGGEST love to all of you guys. Can't tell you how much it means to drop by the
'lage and get the honest and loving feedback from the most devoted devotees of our little island adventure.

Until we meet again, Peace out!

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