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Looking back at the trailer in in slow motion, I've been able to extract some slightly better images. Whilst doing this I start to have some questions that some of you may be able to speculate on.

1) Why are Locke and Eko fighting again.
Locke has just saved Eko and appears to have found his faith again, so what is so important that Eko has a knife to his throat?

2) Who is throwing the large knife/machete at Eko and Why?
Here are 2 images of the person throwing the knife. Is he simply one of the Others? Or is he one of the 'other' Others? or someone else completely?

UPDATE: Several people have emailed and comments that the man throwing the machete could well be this guy.
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3) And who the hell is the crazy one-eyed man? Is this a live feed or a recording?

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