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Thanks again to Ryan from the Transmission who has observed that Downtown Honolulu is being turned into Bangkok, Thailand for an upcoming film shoot. This is obviously the Jack flashback that Ryan reported to us last week. Here are a couple of photos, and you can see more over at Ryan's Flickr site.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Amp from Bangkok, they have translated the signs.:::pictures in the first row
Pic #1
ร้านอาหาร = Restaurant
ซ่อมมือถือ (red booth) = fixing mobile phone shop

the one with the magazine stand, it s might be the name of the stand. ช่างพิมพ์ = publisher / ลามก = dirty or naughty

so, i think they sell porno magazines
the yellow sign ก๋วยเตี๋ยว = noodles shop

::pictures in the second row...
pic #1 -ไนท์คลับ ชั้นดี = Night club
pic #2 -ล้าง อัด รูป = photo shop, หยุด = traffic 'stop' sign
pic #3 -ย้อมผ้า = fabric dye shop

::pictures in the third row
pic #1 -คิดถึง ข้าวต้ม คาราโอเกะ = a small food restaurant & karaoke

(btw, i m a real thai-so excuse my English, but i d love to contribute )
Source: amp, bangkok

Source: Ryan@TheTransmission

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