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Here is the info from the infamous Insiderscoop. I've marked it in black so drag your mouse over to read it.He has released a bit more so I will keep this updated. Check back for me updates.

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1) Ben didn't want Jack to see his xrays.
2) Juliet puts on a very interesting movie for Jack. Starring herself.
3_ As she speaks to Jack personally the video which is muted has her displaying Cue cards. Don't believe anything I say etc. etc.
4) Ultimately she wants Jack to Operate on Henry and ""Accidently"" kill him.
5) Eko has a little killing spree with a machete so I would say no (This was in response to the question if it was child friendly, non-violent)
6) Eko is killed tonight by the smoke monster
7) He was thrown and slammed into the trees and ground. Moments before he dies he whispers something in Lockes ears. "WE'RE NEXT"
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