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Here are the latest ramblings from Kristin. Why she can't talk/type/write like a normal person is beyond me :) From Jason: Why was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje written off Lost? Was he as unruly as the rumors are saying? I don’t wanna believe it!
And as the creator of the moniker SexAAA, you know I don’t wanna either. But it’s now been confirmed to me by various sources that Adewale had some interpersonal issues on the set. Personally, I don’t want to soil my own karma by spilling it all (Mr. Hickey would be so proud), but let’s just say that when Eko appeared to be a gentle humanitarian, that was indeed an Emmy-worthy performance. (P.S., I also would like to retract the words "mean," "stinker" and "of a stupid head" from my former statement regarding JJ Abrams.) Meanwhile, a fellow E! Online reporter (Josh Grossberg) ran into Lost executive producer Bryan Burke this morning and asked whether Eko’s departure was something planned. Burke replied: "Story-wise, it was definitely the direction we're going. I don't know what our official answer is on all that." Burke later added that Adewale asked to leave the show and that "it was for personal reasons that we can't talk about."

From Kirk: On Lost, are Sawyer and Kate really having sex right there, out in the open?
And how. And you'll never guess who'll spy their postcoital bliss! I'll give you a hint: He's in a box.

From Tawnygirl: Tell me something good about Lost's fall finale this Wednesday. Please, anything! Do it!
Heh-heh. You said do it. And speaking of…Kate does it with Sawyer. And Jack does it with (meaning, operates on) Ben. And only one of those doers is sincere in his or her intentions. The other does it for personal gain, which will be revealed with a bloody-good cliffhanger twist.

From Alyssa: Will Ben survive?
We don't yet know when tonight's episode ends. So, you will have to wait until February to find out. Who wants to help me infiltrate the Lost production offices? I've got night-vision goggles. You bring the Mint Milano cookies. (I just like those.)
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