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Want answers? You'll get 'em (maybe) When LOST returns from a hiatus on February 7, fans will get 16 consecutive episodes, as well as the scoop on Jacks tattoos, Locke's wheelchair, and Desmond's creepy clairvoyance, which exec producer Damon Lindelof says factors "big-time" into the remainder of season 3. A preview of some other burning questions:

Is mutinous Others doc Juliet a friend to the castaways- or a foe?
"Her agenda is more in line with the castaways than we originally suspected, but that does not mean she is not sinister", says Lindelof. FYI, the Feb 7 episode is all about Juliet.

The Hatch "imploded," according to Locke. Case closed?
NOPE, says Lindelof. "Definitely more to this story. You will get a better picture of what happened when Desmond turned the fail-safe-key."

How will Sawyer and Kate escape Others Island?
Of course, the showrunners wouldn't tell us- but exec producer Carleton Cuse allows, "You heard correctly: The others do have a submarine."

Who is "Jacob" and why is Jack not on his "list"?
"The answer lies further downstream in the ongoing story", says Cuse. A clue? Lindelof reminds fans that character names in Lost are not assigned without reason, YES! that is a clue.
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