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Another great set of photos from our Hawaiian sleuth Ryan. Here are some great photos along with his commentary on what he saw.

Thanks to Anonymous who has located the actress as Fionnula Flanagan. And as has been noted by Anonymous and Amber she was in the film, "The Others"!Same London street, but perhaps a very different time. Desmond is no longer wearing his dapper suit, but rather, a drab coat and scarf, looking somewhat destitute. He's wandering around the entrance to the London Underground, ranting like your typical neighborhood schitzo.

He spots and sits next to an elegant, older, white-haired woman in a purple gown.

They converse. Suddenly there's a crash! People panic. It's a construction accident nearby, and Desmond stands, distressed.

The woman approaches calmly. She gives him a ring. He gives her money. She walks off.

Desmond hard on his luck... years before or after storming out of Widmore? A ring? Tied to the Stanwyck's Antiques shop? Delicious!

Source: Ryan@The Transmission

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