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Paulo/Nikki Flashback

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Small snippet from The Tailsection.Yes, folks, it's true. Nikki and Paulo do get a flashback episode. The interesting thing is the flashback portion takes place ON THE ISLAND. We will see what Nikki and Paulo were up to while the gang was off on an adventure. I'm interested in seeing this from the other point of view; particularly since we assume nothing interesting was happen.
Source: The Tailsection

Whilst I agree with most of the comments about Paulo/Nikki, this episode might be good for a number of reasons.

1) We may get to see good old Dr. Arzt again
2) We may get to see Shannon/Boone again
3) Comic relief from the Steve/Scott due before one of them get killed
4) Also, they may be showing this flashback to show us a major reveal?

I think this episode, if it is handled well could actually be a very good one. Fingers crossed.

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