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Found this little snippet whilst browsing around and it pretty much confirms that Episode 14 is going to be a Nikki/Paulo episode.Speaking of “Lost,” subject of long article in today’s paper, there have been some questions about the characters from the background who suddenly pop up with lines to day.

We’re speaking, of course, of Nikki and Paulo.

It rankled some “Lost” fans when the two characters played by Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro, seemingly silent for two seasons, suddenly became part of the speaking cast this year.

It’s a fair point, executive producer Damon Lindelof says.

“What the hell is going on with the other 35 people who nothing ever happens to?” he said at press tour. “We saw Dr. Arzt explode, and every once in a while one of those guys will sort of come forward for a fleeting moment, but are they just red shirts? Are they just monster food? What has their experience been? And why are they participating in the primary decision-making on the island?”

Nikki and Paulo are not exactly new, he says.

“We put them on the truck in the same episode in which Mr. Eko dies so that when we pay it off in episode 314, the audience won't go, ‘Wait a minute, I have never seen those guys before!' " Lindelof says. “At least you will be able to look at the previous 13 episodes and sort of pick Nikki and Paulo out of the crowd.”

Source: Courant.com

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