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For once being in the UK has it's advantages as we seem now to be getting updated info on the upcoming episodes before they do in the US. Here are the Episode descriptions for the next 3 shows in the UK.Not in Portland. Series 3, episode 7.
This episode continues exactly where the last one finished. Ben’s life is now in Jacks hands. Jack wastes no time using this to his advantage by helping Kate and Sawyer to escape. What perils lie ahead for Kate and Sawyer? Could they find unexpected help from one of the Others? We also get the opportunity to learn more about Juliet and her past. Charlie and Hurley go through Sawyers personal belongings and food stash back at the beach and Charlie finds himself under attack by Desmond.

Flashes Before Your Eyes. Series 3, episode 8.
Charlie and Hurley try to work out what happened to Desmond after the hatch explosion. We learn more about Desmond’s past focusing on his life before recruitment into the army. Will we finally get a better understanding of what the Others are up to?

Stranger in a Strange Land. Series 3, episode 9.
This episode reveals more flash backs about Jack on his travels to Bangkok and Thailand. He recalls the intriguing people he met, in particular the unforgettable Sherry and a talented tattoo artist.
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