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Not a great deal here except maybe evidence of another Sawyer flashback?From Nikky: I'm so looking forward to the upcoming spectacular 16-episode run of Lost! Do you have a list of whose flashbacks are airing and when?
Hold tight on Lost. Very soon I'll bring you all the exclusive scoop we got at the TV Academy Lost panel, including dish on flashbacks and Skate vs. Jate. In the meantime, though, I can tell you about the return of one particular flashback character. Yesterday at the SAG Awards, I ran into Kim Dickens (she plays Cassidy, and there's no one I'd rather have as Sawyer's baby-mama—well, other than myself!), and Kim told me she is flying to Hawaii today to shoot another Lost episode. Bon Viaj-aloha! So, it looks like we're getting another Sawyer-centric gem before the season ends.

From Courtney: Got anything on where Skate's going when Lost returns?
You see that Kate does have very strong feelings for Jack. And they are sorta kinda displayed in front of Sawyer.
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