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Question: Can you tell me something new about Lost? Anything big or small would be great!— Joshua
Ausiello: Would you settle for ginormous?! After Lost's press-tour session on Sunday, Carlton Cuse revealed to me exclusively that he and Damon Lindelof are parting with tradition and not code-naming this season's top-secret finale scene after a Jewish bread product. (To recap, Walt's kidnapping in the Season 1 finale was known as "The Bagel," Season 2's introduction of Penny was known as "The Challah" and this season's climactic game-changer was slated to be called "The Matzo.") "We're actually not calling it 'The Matzo,'" Cuse said. "We're calling it 'The Snake in the Mailbox.' We were just joking about how scary that would be if you came home and you stuck your hand in the mailbox and there was a snake in there. So we thought, 'Well, that's actually a good metaphor for the surprise of our Season 3 ending.'" And this, my friends, is where things get really spoilery. [Spoiler alert] When I asked Cuse if he could drop any hints about "The Snake in the Mailbox," he offered up this fraktastic piece of prattle: "I think Penny and Desmond's relationship will become something that will be a part of the season finale."

Question: Could you give us some info 'bout the future Skate on Lost?— Jeannette
Ausiello: As I strongly hinted at a few weeks ago, Kate's Jack/Sawyer dilemma is far from resolved — despite what happened in that cage last fall. "It would be a bad assumption to assume [the triangle] was over," warns Carlton Cuse. "For that moment in time, Sawyer was the right choice. But that's not the end of it, but any means whatsoever."

Question: Will the Jack-Juliet relationship develop into something more than just captor-hostage story line?— Natalie
Ausiello: Most definitely, says Cuse. "The relationship and the chemistry between these two characters is something we're really interested in as writers. Juliet is a really intriguing character. It's not entirely clear how good she is or how bad she is. What are her underlying motives? What is her history on the island? And I think her relationship with Matthew is something that is going to be really compelling as we run into the later part of the season."

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