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Rodrigo Santoro is on the new cover of the Brazilian version of Rolling Stone magazine. The article is in Portuguese, but someone provided the following translation.The actor Rodrigo Santoro(31), cover of the 4th edition of the brazilian 'Rolling Stone' tells about his projects for new movies.
The actor also revealed that his character will die before the end of season 3.
...blah blah blah (small series' summary)
The actor doesn't reveal details about the death of his character,but says he should shoot the last scenes in january in Hawaii.
"It's not that I don't care about the series, it's amazing the oportunity to be doing this. Actually, I'd like to participate more in 'Lost',but now I'm enthusiastic about doing new movie projects." He says. "If they come up with some crazy idea that makes it possible come back in time, then there's a real chance".

Source: Rolling Stone Brazil

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