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New Promo - The VW Car

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UPDATE: Here is the promo. I'll do a better quality version soon.

Thanks to justjared for reporting this to me. It appears that a new promo aired last night which showed the car that Hurley finds. Here is the text from justjared who saw this promo. (If anyone has an AVI or MPEG of this scene or a link to it please email me or leave a comment.

Note: I've had this confirmed by several people now.Last night, duridng AFV on ABC, there was a Lost preview and it had the usual clips of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the losties. But, at the end there was a quick screenie of Hurley and group of losties (possibly Claire and Charlie?) standing in front of a Volkswagon Bus with a DHARMA logo on the front. I can't find the clip on youtube right now but I am looking.

It looked like this but had a DHARMA logo instead of a VW emblem:
Source: JustJared

An Anonymous poster also found the following picture of the key used on VW's which matches the key that Vincent found in the last Lost Moments.

Also BallCapGuyTx from Lost Repetitions has sent through this photo which shows the keys clearer.

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