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On Wednesday night, ABC delivered screeners of the return episode of Lost, which is to air on Feb. 7, to TV critics here in Pasadena. The disc came in an unmarked brown envelope ...

In an attached cover letter, the network says: “We kindly ask that you use your discretion in reviewing this show by not revealing any plot details that contain spoilers,” and of course I’ll respect that.
Within those confines, here’s a glimpse at the next Lost hour:

The episode begins off the island.
The line between Others and Losties is becoming increasingly blurred, rather like the racial divide that quickly crumbled in this season’s Survivor.
Episode title: “Not in Portland,” and I’m pretty sure they mean the one in Oregon.
Juliet has a sister.
First word of the episode: “Hello.”
Episode’s opening segment is action-packed, as Kate and Sawyer race through the jungle on their escape attempt. The attempt takes a few detours and even involves a hatch, though not a very big one.
The two-islands-or-one question is answered definitely.
One-liner from Sawyer: “Nice to meet ya, Sheena.”
The Others’ island could use a decent anesthesiologist -- maybe they could offer one of those “We’ll pay your tuition if you promise to practise here for five years” deals.
My boyfriend’s captive, and there’s gonna be trouble.
Now playing on Screen One at the Others Island Cineplex: an extremely weird psychedelic flick that’s pure torture to watch.
The wonderful character actor Zeljko Ivanek, who was a wicked Serb on Season One of 24, the slimy governor on Oz and a noble prosecutor on Homicide, shows up in this episode.
“The sky turned purple”: What was that all about?
Kate and Jack share a tender moment, and it’s easily the emotional highlight of the episode.

The main question with Lost has become, Is it going forward or in ever-deeper loops? This one goes forward into uncertain territory, and it makes you want to know what comes after. If you’re a viewer who has grown tired of the series’ matrushka-doll structure and are wondering whether it’s worth the bother to keep watching, I’d say yes, keep watching.

Source: National Post

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