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Rodrigo hints that he will not be on the show any longer by the end of this season. A poster clem_ross on L-F has provided this translation.

The brazillian actor Rodrigo Santoro might abandon the tv show on it's third season, the same in which he joined the cast. He spoke about his quick 'stay' on the show, in an interview published on the magazine Rolling Stone Brasil.

Rodrigo tells us that his character, Paulo, is probably dying before the end of the third season. "It's not like i don't give a s*** about the show, this is a wonderful opportunity. I would like to be in LOST a bit more, but right now I'm more turned towards movie projects." he says in the interview.

Still according to the same magazine, Rodrigo's last scenes should be filmed this month. "If they have some crazy idea that allows me to come back in the future, there is a chance" he ponders.

In the US, the tv show is returning for it's 3rd series on Feb 7, with 16 new episodes. This season was divided in two stages, and the first was resumed on Nov 8 (*)

The second season of LOST will be aired by Globo from FEb 5 on, after the GloboNews.
Source: Folha Magazine

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