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UPDATE: 7th Feb : 13:00 GMT
The username and password have been found and they take you to this video.

UPDATE: 7th Feb : 11:00 GMT

Thanks to back_gammon for finding this from the fuselage.From Gregg Nations Re: Mittelos Bioscience GN: That is not an official website. What is it counting down to? The day of a new Lost epsiode? I'm not sure what they plan on doing with it, but it certainly won't have any secrets or inside information.

Source: The Fuselage

In the recent Not in Portland spoiler we're informed that there is a new anagram to look out for that will provide a major clue to Lost. In this episode there is a company called Mittelos Bioscience. Now as it happens those web sleuths over at The Tailsection found some information about this new fictional company and came across a new web site (see below).

Now an anagram of Mittelos is "Lost Time".Is a new LOST Arg in the works? Or is this just another clever fan-site? Special thanks to Zack for sending us the following information:

The title for this next show is "not in Portland", referring to Portland, OR. Well, I happen to live in Oregon, and in the TV click section of the newspaper, there was an article in which the author wrote that there's a company in the Portland suburbs called Mittelos Bioscience. He said if you happen do stumble upon it, do NOT go in there. Well, that got me curious, so I emailed him asking where I could find Mittelos Bioscience, and he just said it's somewhere in the Portland suburbs and would pop up in the Lost episode on Wednesday (2/7).

I was able to find the website, www.mittelosbioscience.org. All it is is a countdown screen to midnight on Tuesday. There is also an email address, mittelosbioscience.org. Here's the autoreply I got when I inquired about information:

Thank you for your interest in Mittelos Bioscience. Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time.

If you are having trouble accessing your client login, please access your account at the following url:

Thank you.

I can't seem to find where that URL goes to. I attached it onto the end of the Mittelos webpage URL, but any attachment to the URL leads to the same error page.
Another Lost promo site? I think so.

Source: The Tailsection

I did a little digging on the URL and found this out.Registrant Name:Richard Alpert
Registrant Organization:Mittelos Bioscience
Registrant Street1:108 Hofmann Blvd.
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Multnomah County
Registrant State/Province:Oregon

Thanks to Lost Portugal they set their clock forward to 2 mins before the countdown and waited. This is the image that is set to go off.

So it does look like just a fan site.

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