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Thanks to lyly for finding this. Is this confirmation of another Kate flashback? Maybe episode 15 or 16?

Damon Lindelof: Absolutely. Two weeks ago we were breaking a Locke story. His flashback stories have a very distinctive feel to them. And then after that we did a concept episode with Nikki and Paulo, which is not unlike The Other 48 Days. [Days was an episode in season two that efficiently recapped the experiences of the previously unseen crash victims from the tail section of the plane during the seven weeks they had been on the island as of that time.] It allowed us to think outside the box in terms of what an episode of Lost looked like. We felt [the Nikki and Paulo episode] was amazingly satisfying in terms of paying off what seemingly looks like a mistake in the first six episodes. Then we broke a Kate episode, and when you do Kate episodes you're literally writing the show The Fugitive. Her flashback stories have an entirely different sort of vernacular feel to them.

Source: Media Village

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