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When we last left Sun and Jin on the island of Lost, we were still trying to figure out if Sun’s baby is an island miracle or just the results of her affair. Even Yunjin Kim doesn’t know, because the actors only get scripts when they shoot, but she does expect the pregnancy to develop in time.

“I think that's gonna be, like, season four,” said Kim. “As far as time and days, we're only 90 days. I think, 95. Once in a while, they'll have, like, in the line, ‘We've been here for 95 days,’ just to remind people that we haven't been here for three years or something. Unless they skip to six months later. And then you just, bam.”

Perhaps we’ll find some more answers in an upcoming Sun and Jin flashback episode. “Yeah, we have one more coming up. We haven't gotten a script, but I hear that it's really juicy.”

With the Others now listed in the opening credits, the cast of Lost keeps growing, taking a bit of attention away from the original stars, but that’s fine with Kim. “I think it's good. I think our show needs fresh blood. We need new people, just to shake us up. And I think they've been a great addition, especially the Others. And the tailies were great to have. The story opens up a lot more with new characters coming in versus just us.”
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