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Thanks to Matt and others for alerting me to this. Here is this weeks Ask Ausiello spoilers that confirms that Juliet will get a 2nd flashback and some info that we broke earlier in the week about Harold Perrineau.Question: I'm lost without Lost spoilers.— Kathy
Ausiello: If you were as riveted by Juliet's backstory as I was, then you'll be psyched to hear that she'll get a second flashback in April that will pick up exactly where last week's left off. Not sure if that means Calamity Jane's coming back, but a boy can dream.

Question: Can you give us the scoop on what kind of "answers" Lost is going to provide for viewers this season?— Catherine
Ausiello: Based on recent interviews with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, here's a list of some of the big questions that will be answered in coming weeks:

* Is Claire Jack's half sister?
* How'd Locke end up in a wheelchair?
* What's the link between the Others and Dharma?
* What's the deal with Jack's tattoos?
* What's so special about Claire's baby?

Question: I read that Harold Perrineau has signed on for a new CBS series, and that he won't be returning to Lost because he couldn't reach an agreement with the producers. Say it ain't so! The story is a fake, right? Or is it just a ploy to make us think Michael isn’t coming back?— David
Ausiello: It's not fake. Per my Lost spy, Perrineau had been in talks to return to Lost this season, but he ultimately decided against uprooting his family and moving back to Hawaii. But don't say buh-bye to Michael just yet. If his CBS pilot Demons doesn't get picked up, there's a chance he might return next season on a recurring basis. And if Demons is a go? I hear there's a contingency plan in place for that possibility as well.
Source: Ask Ausiello

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