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Some interesting information this week from Ausiello.Who do you think this new woman character will play?
Marsha Thomason has hit the jackpot!

The former Las Vegas bombshell -- who has maintained a relatively low profile since leaving the NBC drama two years ago -- has scored a recurring role on Lost. She'll first show up in late April/early May. See below

IMDB Profile: Marsha Thomason

Question: Any juicy information on Lost?— Mary

Ausiello: The juiciest! A new female character will be introduced later this season, and get this: According to exec producer Carlton Cuse, "She does not appear in a flashback, she is not an Other, and she is not one of the survivors of Flight 815." What does that leave? You tell me!

Question: Based on your review in last week's AA, I'm really looking forward to tonight's Lost. Anything you can share that doesn't have to do with Hurley?— Nick

Ausiello: The final scene features a confrontation between Kate and someone we haven't seen since last season. (Spoiler alert! This person's name rhymes with "clench matey.") Speaking of Lost, did you hear that Daniel Dae Kim is in talks to play Sulu in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek prequel? How awesome would that be?

Source: Ask Ausiello

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