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Thanks to "The Hade" for finding this.Looks like we have Ethan, Juliet,Dr Alpert, and Rachel to see again. Could this be the 2nd Juliet Episode that was rumoured?

They were filming in Kapolei today (Wed 2/21) at the Honolulu Advertiser building and using Home Depot as Base Camp...Unfortunately, they had police at the entrance at the Advertiser bldg.so I was unable to get in there. So I went to the Base Camp and waited to see if I would see anybody...I got some pics. They are on my MySpace blog at www.MySpace.com/kanahina The blog is titled "another LOST sightingBut, be warned - I did see a cast member so if you feel it would be a spoiler to know whose flashback they were filming, then don't look!

Source: kanahina@MySpace

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