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Claire's plan, as the title betrays, is to use messenger birds. Yes, messenger birds. She enlists the aid of Sun and Jin to capture the birds which she will then attach messages two in hopes that one will be brainy enough to deliver it to someone who cares. Okay, Claire is obviously very bored here, but it is nice to see somebody thinking about actually getting rescued. Just the kind of optimism LOST needs right about now.

As far as the Sayid and Locke issues are concerned, this is the escalation of the feud between these two that will begin in episode 11. Sayid, it seems, figures that Locke is acting out of his own interest in trying to discover the islands secrets, without taking into consideration the safety of those around him. Personally I think Sayid and Locke make a compelling team, I hope the difference of opinion clears up quickly.

Another piece of LOST lore may be resolved in this episode, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof stated in a piece with Entertainment Weekly somewhere in the first six episodes back (starting wtih 'Not in portland') we would find out if Jack is indeed Claire's sister, as was insinuated last season. What the ramifications would be beyond just another thing to make you say "wow, weird", I can't say.

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