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Kristin Q&A with Cuse and Lindelof.You little devils. We were taking these flashbacks at face value, and now, this mind-blowing realization that the Losties could be time-traveling. What the—?! That was awesome! Is this sort of a climax of season three?
C.C.: This is the first of a couple of turning points.
D.L.: Yeah. We had mentioned earlier that we were going to drop a couple of bombs in the middle of season three. And this is sort of—
C.C.: Bomb one.
D.L.: I'd say this is kind of a grenade. The real bombs have yet to come.
C.C.: Right now we are softening up the earth for the big bombs that are going to fall. The B-52 is on its way.

Henry Ian Cusick was so good in the episode. Are we going to see more of him as the season continues?
C.C.: Absolutely. I mean, I think the Desmond-Penny love story is really central to the whole overall mythology of the show.
D.L.: And obviously, he sort of leveled Charlie with this very sort of specific proclamation at the end of the episode, that Charlie is going to die. And coming down all the way through the end of season three, that becomes a very major storyline that we're following, which is, Desmond keeps seeing Charlie die and can he stop it? Is he powerless to stop it?

So has Dominic Monaghan been calling you every day just to check on what's happening in the writer's room?
D.L.: What is tricky is that Dominic Monaghan is an awesome actor. Before we put out this script we called him and said, "Look, this is what Desmond is going to say to you." We had to have a conversation with him about where we were going. And [Dom] was very, very excited about it. Just because, the idea of one day you're Charlie, and you care about Claire and the baby. And suddenly, the next day you're Charlie, and you care about Claire and the baby, but you've got this, you know, massive Grim Reaper standing over you at all times. I think it's really given that character something that he didn't have before. We've sort of moved on beyond the addiction, and now he has something really cool to play.

Does Dom know whether he’s going to be killed off?
C.C.: Nope. He, like all the actors, only sees the script for this week's episode. We told him this was going to happen, but he doesn't know what the character's ultimate fate is.

And what can you tell me about what lies ahead?
C.C.: More beach. We're back to the beach. Our guys are out of the survival story on the little Alcatraz Island. And we have much more with the original Losties coming up.

So bye-bye to the Others?
D.L.: No, not at all. Next's week's episode, Jack is still back on Alcatraz—he has just finished the surgery. And we have not seen the ramifications of Juliet shooting Pickett or any of that stuff. So, we have to pick up that story thread—and understand what happened to Sawyer, Kate, and Karl—and once that's done, as Carlton said, it's time to have some fun with Hurley, and do a little Claire story and have some Sayid action.
C.C.: The Sayid episode answers a lot of mythological questions. That's a good one. That's coming up in about four weeks.

A few weeks ago, you said you were discussing an end point for the series—which, by the way, is something I never want to happen. Have you yet figured out an end?
C.C.: We are having conversations with the network about that. And yes, we would like to be able to tell everyone when Lost is going to end. Because the show has a beginning, a middle and an end. It's a story, it's a story that has a conclusion.
D.L.: I think a lot of the time, Carlton and I feel like we're the parents in the front of the car and the kids are in the back going, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" And we just keep turning around, saying, "No, we're not there yet." But what we can't do is say, "We're not there yet, but we're gonna get there at this point." Whatever that point is, I feel that we owe the audience who has come with us for now, you know, 60 episodes. They deserve to be told, this is where we are going, and you know, when it's going to end.
C.C.: And they need a bathroom break.
D.L.: And they need a bathroom break. Boy, do they. I need a bathroom break!

Anything else you want to tell the fans?
C.C.: Just that the island is an alien space ship.
D.L.: And will be blasting off.
D.L.: No, you know, all we can say is we weathered the storm of being off the air for three months. We feel the fans have a lot of legitimate criticisms. But really, I think we both feel, and everybody in Hawaii feels, that these next 16 episodes are really cool and taking a lot of unexpected twists and turns. And I think it's great that we're on the air for the next 16 weeks, and you only have to wait another six days for another Lost once one ends. All that being said, we just really, really love our fans, and it's great that they are so passionate about the show. And a lot of times we hear criticism and the same time we know it's their show, too. It's just really cool to be back on the air, and we're excited about what's ahead.
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