LOST Spoilers - DarkUFO

Thanks to jvince@TheFuselage for finding this. Nothing much new...

* Everything promptly changes as a result of what Jack does. Now the original cast will get more screen time.

* We'll get to know Ben, Juliet and Desmond more this season.

* And 'Othersville' - a Dharma-esque village [Possible hint that Othersville used to be where Dharma researchers lived?].

Plus, on another article @ THA:

Cusick says viewers will find out what happened when the hatch imploded — and Desmond’s clothes were blown off — when "Lost'' resumes. He hints viewers will learn more about his "ability to get flashes of a possible future,'' and says his story line is "really brilliant."
Source: Honolulu Advertiser

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