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Thanks to SaveMeJeebus for alerting me to the following spoilers from Kristin.
Episode 3.10: Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Hurley-centric)
Daniel Dae Kim reveals: "Jorge’s got a great flashback that was so much fun to do, and it’s me, Jorge and Josh. It’s a lighter episode, and I was really happy to do it."

Episode 3.12: Par Avion (Claire-centric)
According to Emilie de Ravin, this season's Claire episode "goes back to when Claire was a lot, lot younger and in a very different place in her life."

General spoilers
"If someone needs to be picked up somehow, Hurley is there to do it. And I think that hasn't changed. In the coming episodes, he definitely makes a little bit of a project out of Charlie," said Jorge. (Sources tell me Hurley's help may have something to do with the Charlie 'n' Claire lovey-doveyness that lies ahead.) I'm told Juliet and Jack are gonna stay tight.
Source: Kristin on E!Online

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