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When ABC's Lost returns on Wednesday, fans will find answers and favorite characters over the course of 16 consecutive new episodes, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof say. Specifically:

Expect these answers

•How Locke ended up in a wheelchair before arriving at Lost's island.
•How Jack got his tattoos.
•What The Others' Ethan was doing before he came to the island.
•What happened to Desmond, who may be having premonitions, when the hatch exploded in the second-season finale.
•The effects of the purple sky, which followed the hatch explosion, on the island.
•More details about the Dharma Initiative, the island psychosocial experiment.

Look for these story lines

•Resolution of much of the November cliffhanger (Wednesday), with Jack operating on Ben and urging Kate and Sawyer to escape. The episode will feature Juliet's first flashback.
•Relationships, including Kate-Sawyer, Claire-Charlie and Juliet-Jack. Interestingly, Kate still has some feelings for Jack.
•The surprise pregnancy of Sun, with some relevant questions: Who's the dad? How does being pregnant put her in danger?
•The return of favorite beach castaways, who were mostly left off-screen in the fall, in a Feb. 14 "beach-centric" episode, Lindelof says. Lost will get off The Others' island after the third episode, the first of four featuring flashbacks of original characters.
•Coming back to the second season's final moment, when Desmond's lost love, Penny Widmore, apparently tracked the location of the island.

Catch these guest stars

•Cheech Marin as Hurley's father in a Hurley flashback.
•Bai Ling appearing in a Jack flashback.
Source: USA Today

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