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From Kristin's chat 19th March.

Thomasina in New York: Please tell me Lost is coming back next season.
Yes, it is for sure coming back, and get this: my ABC sources tell me it will probably come back 24-style, beginning in January and going straight through with 22 episodes. At least, that's the most likely scenario ABC is considering. Good news, no?

Shannon in Furlong, Pennsylvania: The last Claire episode of Lost was amazing, but whatever happened to Rose and Bernard?
They're buzzing around in the background minding their own business! According to Damon Lindelof, "A lot of times the fans ask us why we haven't seen more of Rose and Bernard, or when we are going to sum up Libby, and the reality is those actors are fantastic and so they're off doing other shows. It's sort of a constantly moving puzzle piece for us. You have to commit so far out front, but we don't want to prevent anybody from getting work." So, there you have it. Rose and Bernard are safe and sound...Well, as long as Locke keeps himself from hitting any more buttons!

Marilou in Miami: Is Charlie gonna die on Lost?
Ummm…That's what I'm hearing. But I don't want to believe it! And no word yet on when, so the time is now to post your support for Charlie/Dominic in our Save the Junkie, Save the World thread!

Source: Kristin

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