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Found this over at DDK's MySpace page, nothing too spoilery, and it appears that it was his episode where they lost all the footage.

Hey everyone-
I know it's been a while since I last posted. I've actually been busy finishing up the latest Sun and Jin flashback, entitled 'D.O.C.' (but some of you knew that already(!)). Thanks to all of you who asked me about it.
This one was a tough one I have to say. After we finished shooting all of my flashback scenes, a few days later we found out that there was a problem with the film. After much debate and investigation, it was decided that the only solution was to go back and reshoot all of my scenes. ALL OF THEM. Not the greatest news for an actor - or anyone with the show - to hear. We were all really happy with the footage we got the first time, so to have to re-shoot was a little heartbreaking. On top of that, we had some heavy rains in Hawaii this week, so our outdoor work got delayed as well. Double whammy. I guess that's how it goes sometimes when you're filming in paradise, right?

Thankfully there is a happy ending. In he end we went back and got everything we needed to, and in some cases, the scenes might even be a little better than the first go round. Either way, I think fans of Sun and Jin will be happy with this one. I know I am.

It's scheduled to air April 25 in the States. Hope you'll all tune in.
Cheers everyone, and much mahalo (thanks!) for your continued support.

Source: Daniel Dae Kim @ Myspace

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