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We've had a lot of rumours and snippets about the next Charlie episode. Here is a quick rundown of them and they all seem to point towards Episode 21 being Charlie centric.

An actress playing a young nurse from Manchester who's also Charlie's school friend will appear in this episode. We apparently will also find out about Charlie's dad in more depth.
Source: Digital Spy

On UK Show "Richard and Judy", in an interview with Carlton Cuse, writer and executive producer of Lost via sattellite, he confirmed that the Charlie problem would be resolved in episode 16 which then he later confirmed the title as "The Truth About Lying".
Source: Channel 4 (UK) Richard and Judy

To quote " That's the truth about lying Charlie, you'll always get found out. But if you don't, then you have to live with that." This could possibly be said by Claire, Desmond or Locke.
Source: Media Guardian

To keep fans in suspense, this episode which was originally episode 16, but was postponed.

Dominic Monaghan stated in an interview with Media Guardian, that his flashback episode would be one of the last in the season, however, not the finale but that his character would play an important role in the finale without him physically being there.
Source: Media Guardian

Charlie's fate will be decided in the final two episodes of the season.
Source: Kristin

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