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Thanks to Sheba over at The Fuselage for this summary.

Executive Producer Carlton Cuse and fellow writers Adam Kitsis and Eddie Horowitz expose "Exposé" and look forward to "Left Behind" (4/4/07). Elizabeth Mitchell discusses the challenges of playing Juliet.

- There is a short Elizabeth Mitchell interview. Nothing definitive. EM says she believes the aloe scene made Juliet ashamed of being one of them.
- CC met the two writers on the WB show Black Sash.
- They call the background characters "socks".
- RE: Pikki death. The writers felt there was "no other way for them to learn their lesson".
- Originally, they wanted to do an entire episode of the Expose` show, then have the reveal at the end that it was a show within a show.
- Adam Horowitz has a mancrush on Billy Dee Williams. Cute story about how they got him to do the part.
- Biggest thing, IMO ... the monster makes its return in Left Behind.
- The guy falling from a window in Numbers was NOT Locke.
- Christmas may be celebrated in Season 4.
- Rose and Bernard have an "awesome" storyline coming up. (me- tptb now scare me to death when they describe things with superlatives )
- The idea that Locke was suggesting to Ben that he was not healing because he was doing things like eating refrigerated chicken, is sort of correct.
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