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Here is Insiderscoops synopsis of The Man from Tallahassee. Turn away now unless you want to know the details of the episode.

Note: These are typed up from memory and will contain a few detail and grammatical errors.

(unless you are translating)


Locke trying to collect disability for being depressed but not going to therapy causes him to be denied.

In his apartment while eating a TV diner someone knocks on the door. It’s Peter Talbot, his mother met a man two months ago and fell madly in love with him and Peter didn’t trust his motives. Turns out to be Locke's father and he wants to know about the kidney donation. Locke claims to have given it to him anonymously.

Locke tracks down Cooper (Dad) at a florist where he and his fiancée are making arrangements. He tells how Peter contacted him and that he better stop his scam or he’ll blow the whistle on him. You get people to care about you and then you lie to them and leave them with nothing. Cooper agrees to call of his wedding scam.

FBI go to Locke about Peter, Locke claims not to know him. Talbot’s are worth 200 million. We found your name in his pocket. He’s dead.

Locke goes to Talbot and Cooper’s home and wants to know if Cooper killed Peter.
He swears he’s a not a murderer and that he was just sticking around to get some money but she called off the wedding due to her sons death.

John- She called of the wedding?
Cooper- Yes?
John- If I call her that’s what she’ll say?
Cooper- The phones right there?
Picks up the phone
John- What’s the number?
Cooper pushes him out an eight story window
Locke breaks his back

FBI and Locke are in hospital they said he fled to Mexico after the encounter and could be anywhere in the world now.

Orderly comes in and forces him to get in the wheelchair then leaves the room for a moment. He then begins to cry.

As they watch Jack play football Juliet comes out and says something to Jack. They walk to the building and Ben wheels out Jack and Ben shake hands. Danielle disappears as they are watching.

Sayid questions weather Jack needs saving. Kate is not leaving without him. Locke suggests waiting till nightfall and approach Jack on his own if he wants out we’ll get him out.


Night comes and Sayid watches the front, Kate goes in and Locke watches the back so we think. Kate sees Jack playing piano Jack yells for her to get out and he’s being watched. The doors kicked open and they capture Kate and already have Sayid. Jack just yells out don’t hurt her.

Ben hears someone so he turns on the light Locke is in Bens’ room. Don’t shoot John I’ll tell you where Jack is. I’m not here for Jack I’m here for the Submarine. Alex comes in. Locke grabs her and they hear Tom Friendly. Locke pulls her in the closet. Tom alerts Ben about Sayid and Kate. Get me the man from Tallahassee. They leave.

Locke wants Alex to get his back pack Ben sends her to get it. Ben asked to be put in his wheelchair He wants his dignity you of all people can understand that. I know you must have found the explosives and you want to blow up the submarine. I know how you got in that wheelchair.

Ben- Did it hurt?
Locke- I felt my back break, what do you think?

Kate’s trying to get loose when Tom walks in and tells Jack watch what you say and points to his ear implying that the room is bugged.
They exchange the, are you ok’s and did they hurt you. Jack tells her the other people and kids taken are safe. Safe? She replies, Are you with them now?
I’m not with anyone I made a deal to go home in the morning by sub and I’ll get help.
I’ll come back for you Kate and he leaves.

Ben tells how hard it was not being able to talk about Locke's ability to walk while they were in the hatch.

Ben-Was it immediate as soon as you crashed you got the feeling back?
Locke-Your wondering why you haven’t healed yet? In fact how did you get sick in the first place?

Alex gets the pack near where Sayid is held he says you look like your mother. My mother is dead. I’m sure that’s what they told you.

If you blow up the sub I’ll have a real problem with my people they want to be here but want to feel like they can leave whenever they want. If you blow it up that illusion will disappear. You made a choice to stay here stop and think John. I can show you things you want to see. Amazing things about this island.

Ben- Let me put it in a way you’ll understand.
Picture a box, you know something about boxes don’t you John?
Somewhere on this island there is a very large box what ever you imagine, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box there it would be.
What would you say about that John?

Locke- I’d say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new sub.

Ben- Why are you so angry John.

Locke-Because you’re cheating, you come and go as you want you use guns and electricity. You don’t deserve to be on this island. If you knew what this island was you wouldn’t have leftover chicken in your fridge.

Ben says he was born here and Locke’s been here only 80 days how do you know. Because your in a wheelchair and I’m not.

Ben tells Locke about Jacks deal to get off.
Alex leads Locke to the Sub and says my dad is manipulating you he makes you think it’s your idea but it’s his. Locke says I’ll keep that in mind.

Locke apologizes for using her and goes to the pier to blow up the sub.
Danielle in the bushes watches but makes no attempt to contact.

Jack and Juliet go to see Ben. Jack asks Ben to let his friends go. I’ll let them go as soon as your off the island you have my word. Juliette says thanks for keeping your promise Ben.

Jack Juliet and some others run into Locke at the pier just before they are about to leave.

Jack asks Locke what he’s doing there to which Locke replies. Sorry Jack.
Jack- Sorry for what?


The sub explodes Jack looks mad.

Locke is handcuffed to some plumbing in a boiler type room. The man who recruited Juliette and Ben open the door.

Locke-You don’t have to pretend your disappointed I know you wanted me to blow the sub up.

Ben tells the recruiter to un-cuff him.

Ben- Remember when you called me a cheater?

He never wanted to let Jack and Juliette because it was a sign of weakness and failure but he also couldn’t go back on his word and kill them because that would have been cheating and he would have lost his power over the others.

Ben-Then you came walking out of the jungle to make my dream come true.

Locke-You’re not gonna start talking about the magic box again are you?

Ben- No John I’m gonna show you what came out of it.
When I asked you if it hurt I wasn’t talking about physical pain.
How did it feel that your father tried to kill you?

Locke-You wanna know if it hurt my feelings?

Ben- I know you’re afraid. That’s why you don’t want to leave your hiding this is the one place he can never find you.
You have some type of communion with this island John and that makes you very special. I want to help you.

Locke- Why?

Ben- Because I’m in a wheelchair and your not.
Are you ready to see what was in the box.

Cooper is sitting tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth

The end

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