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Here is Insiderscoops synopsis of Par Avion. Turn away now unless you want to know the details of the episode.

(unless you are translating)

I split up tonight’s episode into two parts and some of the flashbacks may be out of chronological order.

Claire wakes up in a car accident saved by the airbag apparently. Her mother was ejected through the windshield and ends up in a coma.

Wakes up on the island from a nap Charlie prepared a breakfast picnic on the beach. Desmond interrupts and insists that Charlie spend the day hunting with him.
A flock of seagulls fly overhead and Claire has a plan to help them get rescued.

Because of Desmond, Charlie blows off Claire’s idea.

Claire mad at Charlie again.

Claire in hospital police blame her. All of her mother’s medical expenses are being paid by Claire’s father. Whom she believed to be dead. As many people predicted it was Dr. Shepard the woman he fights with in the other episode with Sawyer in the bar was Claire’s aunt.

They shared a coffee and Dr. Shepard was suggesting that Claire should kill her mom. Since the laws in Australia do not allow you to take someone off life support he was going to tell her how achieve the same result.
Claire never even wanted to know his name and told him to go away.

Meanwhile Claire gets Jin and Sun to set a trap to catch a seagull. Just before catching one Desmond shoots his rifle at a boar or so he claims.

Kate is furious and want’s to know why Charlie and Desmond don’t want her to catch a bird. She follows Desmond and He Gets a seagull from between some rocks.

Claire How did you know it was there.

Desmond I didn’t

Claire You must have you came straight here.

Desmond This is where Charlie died He slipped between these rocks and the waves bounced him around and broke his neck.

Claire What are you talking about.

He explains everything off camera

When she finds Charlie She tells him he’ll be ok and they write a note and attach it to the seagull.

Sayid’s group is using the map to find the others camp.

Sayid comments -It should be a few miles if this map is to scale.

Locke comments -It’s an electrical wiring map sayid I’m not so sure it’s as accurate as you think.

Sayid responds -It’s certainly not as infallible as the magical carvings on your stick.

Locke -The stick did get us to that station.

Sayid -The station that you accidentally blew up.

Locke -If you’d warn me that the station was rigged with C4 I might have been more careful.

Patchy claims that his people were brought here by a magnificent man, who is NOT Ben.
They came by submarine. They would not be able to find there way back if they left because the underwater beacon stopped working two weeks ago when the hatch blew.

Kate asks why you would want to come back to which he replied your not capable of understanding because you are not on the list.
You are not on the list because you are flawed.

Sayid says don’t talk like you know us.

He replies how could I know you Sayid Jahad
Or you Kate Olson but you John Locke. The john Locke I know was Pa

Daniele interrupts.

Were here they walk out of the jungle to the big alarm or security system.

Patchy says it hasn’t worked in years. Locke grabs Patchy and pushes him between the fence pylons. He turns and says thank you to Locke and then gets killed by a sonic pulse we assume.

They must go over the fence and need Locke’s ax from his bag. Locke want’s to get it first but sayid opens Locke’s bag and discovers a packet of C4. They get into it again but nothing gets resolved they cut a tree and climb over the pylon. When they arrive to the others camp they see the town. People walking around and riding bikes we pan right and see Jack running right toward us. Kate says Jack and tries to come out of the bushes but Sayid stops her. Jack turns around and catches a football. He then throws it to Tom. (Mr. Friendly)(Zeke) He then accepts another pass and spikes it like he scored a touch down. Kate looks on incredulously. The end

Source: Insiderscoop

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