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Here is the lowdown from our very own insiderscoop on tonights show. Don't continue unless you want to know what happens.

Hurley and Sawyer have a ping pong match

The stakes:

If Sawyer wins he gets his stuff back
If Hurley wins, Sawyer can’t use any nicknames for people for one week.

Following Eko’s heading North at 3 05 they (Sayid, Kate, Locke and Daniele) discover the Flame.

Once Danielle sees the one eyed man she refuses to go any futher because she has kept herself alive all these years by avoiding these people.

Sayid walks toward the flame unarmed with his hands raised high all alone. He observes a cat and a horse as he approaches.

He gets shot in the arm by the eye patch man who claims to be the last of the Dharma Initiative.

The man later removes the bullet from Sayid’s arm.

Long story short, Sayid knows he is lying and that he is one of the others and that he is not alone. The horses saddle is set up for someone much shorter than him. He tells this to Kate. Locke is in the other room playing chess.

The eye patched man knows Sayid and Kate suspect him so they fight. Kate knocks him out with the but end of the rifle.

Locke pops his head out of the room to see whats going on.

The cat was clawing at the carpet moments earlier they remove the carpet to discover a cellar door. Sayid and Kate go down and look around.

The place is wired with C4

They find a bunch of manuals and Sayid takes the main operations manual.
This is the main communications hatch. This is the way to contact the outside world.

They look around Kate gets jumped and Sayid comes to bail her out. It turns out to be Mrs. Clue Meanwhile Locke is tempted to play chess while the patch man is tied and unconscious.

Locke beats the computer and Marvin Cambell comes on. The video says for satellite communications press 3 8 which he does the video says the satellite is inoperable.
For sonar communications press ? ? don’t remember exactly. Locke presses it and sonar is disabled.

The video then gives another option If the facility has been taken over by hostiles press
7 7

He’s about to type and the patch man puts a knife to his throat.

They bring her upstairs and call out to locke the patched man is holding a gun to him. Sayid and Kate hold a gun to Mrs. Clue.

Locke says to Sayid if he was gonna kill me he’d have done it already. Don’t let her go.

Mrs. Clue and the Patch man start talking to each other in Russian. She begins to yell at him. Then says do it now.

The patch man shoots Mrs. Clue but he remains Sayids prisoner.

Kate ramsack the place for anything they may need.

While Locke plays chess again.

Sayid and Danielle are outside with patchman. He tells them to kill him because if he gets the opportunity he will kill them. Danielle agrees with him but Sayid says no he is my prisoner. We now have a way to find there camp and contact the outside world.

Patchman says I will never tell you.

Sayid refers to the manual which has a map and schematics of the barracks where the others live and the power source generated from the flame.

Exit Kate and Locke from the flame and Locke talks to patchy I know why you didn’t want me to finish the chess game earlier.

BOOM the whole place exploded.

Sayid asks, Locke what did you do?

He explains you can see that Sayid wants to beat the hell out of him and that’s about it until next week.

Source: Insiderscoop

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