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Thanks to Pacejunkie over at The Fuselage for this great summary.
GREAT PODCAST! (and it's Carlton's birthday)...

They are currently breaking episodes 21 and 22/23.
All shooting will be done in the next three weeks.

The box--Ben was putting it into terms Locke could understand. It's a metaphor. It would be silly for there to actually be a box, says Damon. This will become clearer the next time they pick up the storyline.

You'll see Locke again in the next couple weeks, but not revisit this story for a while.

Locke's attitude about the island will come back into play. The Others will not be encamped in their comfortable place for the entire season.

Rousseau has to overcome her issues before she can approach her daughter.

Expose-they're very excited about it. This episode may make people say they've Jumped the Shark. Nikki and Paulo's flashbacks in this ep. will satisfy people who wonder who they are and why they're here. A couple flashbacks take place in Australia before they got on the plane but most take place on the island.

Boone has a wig which is why hair continuity may not look accurate in the ep. They were not going to ask him to cut his hair for two days' work.

Carlton: "The Others are a lot badder than you think they are." By the end of the season you may not think that their act of hanging Charlie was out of character for them. This seems to imply/confirm that Ethan/The Others are in fact responsible for Charlie's hanging. (PJ note: So "hah" to all the people who said they weren't ).

We'll see the Dharma van again, it will have a flashback of sorts and see how it came to be in the jungle. We will also see another Volkswagon product on the island.

Alcatraz island was actually shown on Rousseau's map as early as season one when Sayid discovered it in Solitary. They knew about at least one other smaller island even then.

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