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Thanks to Eve_X for the heads up on this weeks update from Kristin. Not much that we didn't already know but a few snippets.

Crossover Madness! I'm hearing that Locke's flashback is "The Man from Tallahassee," and I predict a crossover bonanza! Kate once bought a train ticket to Tallahassee, Sawyer picked up his STD in Tallahassee (snicker), and there's long been speculation that the father of Sawyer's dark side (the original Sawyer) and Locke's biological father (Anthony Cooper) are one and the same. Is it possible we'd get the story behind Locke's paralysis and Sawyer's nemesis in one Tallatastic ep?

More Crossover Madness! When I met up with Kim Dickens (Sawyer's squeeze, Cass) a few weeks back, she spilled that she was on her way to Hawaii to shoot another Lost. I assumed that she was shooting a Sawyer flashback, but after Damon & Carlton hinted in a MediaVillage interview that a Kate flashback is coming up, I'm wondering, could Cass be crossing over to Kate's past? Since Kate's mom showed up in Sawyer's past, do these two have more in common than we think?

Hope for Skaters: It's not all sunshine and kittens with Sawyer and Kate right now, but hang in there for more between the con man and the fugitive. I asked the big bosses whether we would ever get something more like that hot sex scene in the Zoo of Death, and Carlton Cuse promised, "You’ll get either more cages or more sex in an upcoming episode…Just for you." Even better, he added, "Kate and Sawyer are not over. Not by a long shot." Hear that? It's the collective squeal of the Skater nation.

Did you hear? Life & Style magazine is reporting that Dominic Monaghan has been told he won't be back for next season. I am on the case and will report back the second I hear anything more. Stand by.

P.S. I have a huge spoiler to share with you in Monday's Spoiler Chat. You're gonna like it.

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