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Thanks to jeanineb for finding this. Looks like the spoiler that Locke blow up the Submarine is true after looking at these 2 responses by Terry O'Quinn over at The Fuselage.

Steph on Lost Island: Character LOCKE ya did it again Caboom I sure hope you get to blow up more stuff on the island.
Terry O'Quinn: Glad you like it, Steph. Locke is definitely feelin' boomalicious.............I don't think he's done...............do you?

daneurysm: Your character has a nasty habit of trashing people's living spaces doesn't he? If vincent is the dog of doom, Locke is an omen of impending destruction. Locke is an awesome character, but I wouldn't invite him to my house or Let him anywhere near my computer. Word to the wise: if you see locke coming, pack your gear and get the 'eff outta dodge!
Terry O'Quinn: ........about Locke; as the song says, "Look out, Baby, I'm in a dangerous mood."

Source: The Fuselage

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