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Questions about upcoming photos

This post was inspired by Muscle_Bob over at IMDB. There are a number of photos that we recently posted from the upcoming Nikki/Paulo episode Exposé. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and speculations here.

1) Just what is Paulo doing here? Is he praying or burying something?

2) What is up with Nikki? Hurley and Sawyer seem concerned and she appears to be running towards them/running away from something and carrying a bag. What's happened?

3) What is Ethan discussing with Paulo & Nikki? Are they really crash survivors or something else?

4) Why is Arzt so interested in the bugs? Is there something odd about them or is he using them to somehow determine where they crashed?

5) Why is Nikki in so much pain? Is it just the after-effects of the hatch-implosion or does she realize the deeper significance of what has happened?

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