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Thanks to Susan for informing me of this.Below is the relevant spoiler section from Doc Jensen's always interesting articles about Lost.
When Locke was walking away from the submarine last week, he appeared to be soaking wet, despite the fact that we never saw him get into the water. This has led to speculation among fans that Locke didn't actually blow up the sub, but instead, took it out to sea, submerged it, and blew up the dock — all part of a plan to make it appear the submarine was destroyed. The question is this: Are we supposed to be wondering why John Locke was all wet? Intriguingly, Damon Lindelof says: ''No comment.''

Will we see another Locke flashback story again this season? Lindelof: ''Maybe.''

When can we expect further developments in the shocking revelation that Locke's father is on The Island and that The Others have him bound and gagged in a boiler room in Othersville? According to Cuse, the Locke/Daddy arc will pay off in episode 19, which airs on May 2.

DOC JENSEN PREDICTION: That's not Locke's Dad — that's Smokey The Monster, taking yet another human form, à la Kate's horse, Sayid's cat, and Eko's brother Yemi.

In the final moment of ''The Man From Tallahassee,'' when Locke's eyes went wide and he said ''Dad?'' was Lost paying ironic homage to the classic ''Mom?'' moment in J.J. Abrams' other cult-pop classic, Alias? Despite the fact that the episode was written by former Alias scribes Drew Goddard and Jeff Pinkner, Lindelof and Cuse say no homage intended. But the moment was supposed to evoke the memory of another Lost moment — specifically, the episode from season 1 when Jack began seeing visions of his father on The Island and went hunting for his coffin, only to discover that the body was missing. Hmmmm...

Are we supposed to be wondering what happened to the corpse of Jack's dad, or is that fact totally irrelevant? Lindelof: ''Yes, you should be wondering about that.''

A couple of weeks ago, Doc Jensen speculated that the ''Purple Sky Event'' that occurred after The Hatch imploded was an homage to the ''Red Sky Events'' of Crisis On Infinite Earths, a classic comic book series from the 1980s. Any relevancy here? Despite being a legitimate comic-book fanboy, Lindelof says he never read Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Okay. But are we wrong to assume that something significant happened on The Island sky turned purple? Lindelof says, ''Maybe.''

Okay: When will we learn what the hell the ''Purple Sky Event'' actually meant? ''Toward the end of the season, I suspect,'' says Lindelof.

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