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Thanks to Jeebs for the link to this article in which Michael Emerson has a few things to say about the Season 3 finale and lead up.

Love to hear your thoughts on what you think will be revealed? Could it be Penny and the Arctic Monitoring station?, Jack and Claire realising they are related?, The 4 tour-statue or something else?.

In regards to when viewers can expect to see such a flashback, Emerson tells me, “I think there’s some Ben material coming along the line. I don’t know if it’ll be this season or not. I haven’t seen any. I know it’s a thing they’re working on.”

Emerson does promise that fans hungry for answers will be treated to some major revelations by season three’s conclusion. “I know that one set of interlocking backstories is brought to its resolution in the episode that we’re filming now, and it’s a biggie,” he reveals.

He also hints that the mission and existence of the “Others” could hinge on “fresh blood” coming to the island.

Source: The Trades

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