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Thanks to Lyly for alerting me to this post by Rave.

Hello all!

I just got back from Oahu this morning (I live in Arizona), much excited and falling right on a Wednesday. Heh.

I spent from last Tuesday to yesterday there, and I got to see quite a lot that I wanted to see. Fortunately, most of it was all Lost-related.

I took a boatload of pictures, which you can check out here as I add more:


Let's see here... Immediately when I got there, I saw the Hawaii Convention Center (Sydney Airport), which was awesome, but within a few days it was dressed up for the cultural thing.

Kept going, saw the "hotel" Jin worked at, the canal where Jin and Sun met, the church Charlie visited in season 1 (pics soon).

The day after, on my way to SeaLife park, I got to see Makapuu Point where the Others resided in the season 2 finale. (Pics are on one of the cards here.)

A few days later I ended up taking a Hummer tour into the ranch, and along the way I got to see the tree Kate hid in in the Pilot and Walt hid in in "Special," (pictures soon) the field where Eko was in before his demise, the cockpit (albeit covered up and at a distance), the dock Jin apologized to his father at, the Pala Ferry Pier (pictures soon). At a little nut farm short of the ranch, I got to see Eko's cantina AAAAAND the Others' submarine, which was still out floating in the lake, which I have pictures of. Once IN the ranch, I saw the hill Goodwin and Ana conversed at, the hill Hurley's van rolled down, where the Hurley's bridge scene was filmed, the golf course (obviously), the location where the group found the pneumatic tubes in the S2 finale, and where the group first listened to the transceiver oh so long ago.

And finally, I took the public access route onto Police Beach and got to see the ntire beach set, which rocked. And it's probably noteworthy that a new grave is dug up , which I'll have a pic or two up of.

I'm probably forgetting some. Oh well. Check it out. It was an amazing experience.
I'll keep adding pics.

Source: Rave@TheFuselage

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