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TV Guide - March 6th

Thanks to Lyly for the scans and Betsy from the Fuselage for the spoiler summary at the end.

Just got my TV Guide today - there is a great pic of Desmond, Claire and Charlie on it..you were right, Pace! Charlie is in a blue shirt (yummy, I love blue), Claire is in a beautiful teal dress (her hair is quite sophisticated, not exactly island style) and she's close to Charlie; Desmond looks HOT in a white tank top - he's standing close to Claire with his arms crossed.

Per TV Guide, the next several eppys are "well-crafted and emotionally satisfying". Per Emilie: Claire "is dealing with a lot of stuff with her parents..." . By the end of her eppy, we will have met BOTH her parents. Per Henry Ian Cusick: "'I tell Charlie, 'whatever Claire has in store for you, don't go with it, because it's gonna be your end'"........Wow, so I bet Charlie stays away from Claire, Claire probably doesn't understand and then maybe she starts spending time with Desmond?

Dom also told Damon that " 'you know, it might be kind of fun to go out with a bang' "........seesms like they've been chatting about this since Season 1. Darlton's response? his storyline will be extremely important through the rest of the season. "'The question hanging over the show is whether Desmond can keep saving Charlie.......and if he does, what are the consequences of that? Does that mean that other events are being altered as a result?"

More: the answer to why Locke's in his wheelchair will be answered and they've resigned themselves to the fact that "there's no answer that would be satisfying to everybody". In that same eppy (Locke's), Sayid will meet Alex.

3/28 episode: Boone and Shannon in an "audacious installment " that will have bloggers buzzing at the end

4/11 eppy: Sun's baby's paternity is touched on -Juliet being a fertility doctor will have some bearing on this.

Cassidy, mother of Sawyer's daughter ,will pop up in a non-Sawyer eppy.

Jack/Kate/Sawyer is not over - she loves both and this kind of triangle is never resolved until one of them dies.

More funerals before the end of season

Source: TVGuide

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