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I thought it would be worth trying to put a summary of the upcoming episodes together now that we have a lot of information about these.

Episode S3E11 - Enter 77 (Air Date: 7th March 2007)
Flashbacks: Sayid

What we know
Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a strange structure and its mysterious inhabitant. Meanwhile, Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition to get back his belongings.

Features Sami and Farah, an Iraqi couple who own a restaurant in Paris.

Guest starring are Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Rodrigo Santoro as Paulo, Kiele Sanchez as Nikki, April Grace as Ms. Klugh, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail Bakunin, Francois Chau as Dr. Marvin Candle, Shaun Toub as Sami, Anne Bedian as Amira, Taiarii Marshall as waiter and Eyad Elbitar as Arabic man.

Episode S3E12 - Par Avion (Air Date: 14th March 2007)
Flashbacks: Claire

What we know
Charlie exhibits peculiar behavior when Claire has an idea that could get everyone rescued; tensions mount between Sayid and Locke as they continue their journey to rescue Jack.

According to Emilie de Ravin, this season's Claire episode "goes back to when Claire was a lot, lot younger and in a very different place in her life."

They are currently casting an Australian doctor and an Australian cop for episode 12, so it looks like that episode will have an Australia flashback.

Guest starring are John Terry as Christian Shephard, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Lindsey, Julian Barnes as Dr. Woodruff, Rhett Biles as Officer Barnes, Danan Pere as ER doctor, Anne Elizabeth Logan as head nurse and John Medlen as man at crash site.

Episode S3E13 - The Man From Tallahassee (Air Date: 21st March 2007)
Flashbacks: Locke

What we know
Ben offers to give Locke some of the island's secrets if he calls off his destructive plan; Kate discovers that Jack has made a deal with the Others

This episode will show how Locke lost the use of his legs.

Casting info
Two homicide detectives from Orange County.
A firm government employee.
A likeable Caucasian male.
A strong, likeable African American male.

Episode S3E14 - Expos (Air Date: 28th March 2007)
Flashbacks: Paulo/Nikki

What we know
An on island flashback depicting Nikki and Paulo's adventures from the past two seasons and will show some of the events that happened on the beach whilst other characters went off on adventures.

Expect to see animals on the island we haven't previously seen before along with scenes of the plane crashing.

Ian Somerhalder reprising his role as Boone

Billy Dee Williams has a part on the call sheet; Locke blows up the the Others' submarine; Matthew Fox, M.C. Gainey, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews, Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell were seen in set, which was located at the Erdman YMCA Camp (Otherville).

Episode S3E15 - Left Behind (Air Date: 4th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Kate

What we know
Cassidy is due for an appearance in this episode.

Episode S3E16 - One of Us (Air Date: 11th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Juliet

What we know
Will feature the time from where we left off in Not in Portland

Episode S3E17 - Catch-22 (Air Date: 18th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Desmond

What we know
- Lost is adding a pivotal new character that is so top secret, all I can tell you is that she's female
- Will reveal Desmond's time in the army and how he got discharged.
- The shooting of a scene was witnessed at St. Andrew's Priory near downtown Honolulu. Desmond was seen neatly shorn. He was in a long grey robe. He was talking to another man, a superior perhaps, in a black robe and skull cap. Desmond got down on his knees, palms together and up, as if to receive communion.

Episode will feature Theodore (50s, Male, Caucasian), Kenneth (20s, Male, Caucasian, Scottish, Kenneth is a working class type who is quite quick to throw a punch), Ruth (20s, Female, Caucasian, Scottish, Pretty. Ruth is said to be a strong and pretty woman who has rather sad eyes) and a unknown female (20s-30s, European or Asian, very attractive, tough, Intelligent, Fit)

Episode S3E18 - D.O.C (Air Date: 25th April 2007)
Flashbacks: Jin

What we know
The producers have confirmed that this season we will find out who Sun's baby's father is so we assume it could be this episode.

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